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Sam & Sam – Episode 7

In episode 7 of Sam & Sam, Sam proudly reveals his newly employed status in the construction industry where his ambition and coding skills are in demand and highly valued.

Sam & Sam – Episode 6

In Episode 6 of Sam & Sam, our couple grabs coffee to discuss their future plans. The topic of grad school comes up, and Samantha to considers going.

Sam & Sam – Episode 5

Episode 5 of Sam & Sam, brings our duo to their first worksite together and the site is abuzz with work. From interior designers, contractors, architects, geologists and more, Sam and Sam get to see all the variety of skill and creation that goes into a building.

Sam & Sam – Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Sam & Sam, Samantha enthusiastically introduces Sam to a few of the high rises she and her team helped bring to life.

Sam & Sam – Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Sam & Sam, we find Sam at a new job interview, but this company seems to have rather questionable ethics. This is part of the reason Samantha chose the built environment.

Sam & Sam – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Sam & Sam, brings some rough news for Sam, but Samantha may have a solution for him within the built environment. The built environment has perks that some industries just can't compare.

Sam & Sam – Episode 1

LISA is excited to debut episode 1 of Sam and Sam, the first in a series of cartoon animations, based on the advantages of a budding career in the built environment, rather than the tech industry.

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