Da Mayor’s House

The San Francisco City Hall, bathed here in Golden State Warriors blue, is a Beaux-Arts beauty with a rotunda taller than the U.S. Capitol building by 42 feet. It’s the place to attend Planning Commission hearings, confer with da mayor and district supervisors, obtain all sorts of licenses, and be featured in multiple films like Raiders

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Sobering Up

Since we left you last month with “One More Saloon Please,” it seems appropriate to focus on a more sobering subject like Grace Cathedral. However, before leaving the topic of saloons, please allow me to share this pic with important words from The Tonight Show host and philosopher Johnny Carson. Grace Church, the ancestral parish

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One More Saloon, Please!

The Four Seasons Hotel at 757 Market Street was first to combine condominiums and a hotel, followed in 2005 by the St. Regis. The Four Seasons property came online in September 2001 and was slow to sell. It went on to have the highest resale price per square foot in SOMA, and became a refuge

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What Does It Take to Last 100 Years?

In large cities, transformation is inevitable. Structures are built, repurposed, remodeled, and leveled regularly. However, some cities have a few structures that stand for decades. I believe the "secrets to longevity" can be whittled down to three components: 1) Quality design and construction; 2) Multiple "face lifts" and adjustments to meet client needs; 3) Location.

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I Built That!

After 25 years as a Silicon Valley techie, what’s next? Maybe trade the 1's and 0's of coding for something that “lasts,” like a building? Not just any building, but one that captures the attention of millions every night, say, for 50+ years. The Transamerica Pyramid, which is approaching its 50th anniversary in 2022, had been

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Fire Hose to the Sky

For some unknown reason, I thought I would look into San Francisco’s 10 most popular tourist attractions--after all, I am told that tourism is the city’s biggest industry. While I was not shocked to find that the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz made the list, I was surprised to see “high tea at the Westin St. Francis,” in the top 10…with no

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Finally! Somewhere to Here

20 years ago, had you asked a San Francisco resident where Dogpatch was, you probably would have received a blank stare. That’s about to change. One popular theory about the Dogpatch name origin is that the neighborhood was named after cartoonist Al Capp’s classic comic strip Lil Abner, which ran in newspapers nationwide from the 1930s

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Under The Knife

25 years ago, I was awakened by the Northridge earthquake at 4:30 AM. It sounded like a locomotive making its way through my condo in west LA. Although it was not my earthquake baptism, it stands out as being the loudest and the most “shaky,” probably because my son and I were only about 25

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Southward Ho!

In 1984, two railroad powerhouses, Santa Fe Industries and the Southern Pacific Company, merged to form the Santa Fe Pacific Realty Corporation, later renamed Catellus--the owner of some 300 acres just south of the Channel, popularly known as Mission Bay. It has some of the best weather in the City, walking distance to the Financial

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5 M

5 M! How’s that for a catchy name? I’m pretty sure it stands for 5th and Mission, the 4-acre development conceived by Forest City Realty Trust and sold last year to Brookfield Properties, which is partnering with Hearst Corporation, owner of the Chronicle Building, built in 1914. This iconic building is across 5th Street from

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