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Excavate Series – Shane Curran

This week in Episode 7 of Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar we talk to Shane G. Curran, Sr. Project Manager with Genentech. In his role, Shane manages the engineering systems of the products Genentech manufactures.

Excavate Series – Zach Scheel

In episode 6 of Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar, LISA shines the spotlight on Zach Scheel, Co-Founder, and CEO of Rhumbix, a workforce management and labor productivity software suite.

Excavate Series – Brett Young

This week on Excavate we speak with Brett Young, CEO and Founder of Building SP, a software development company that creates tools for virtual design and construction.

Excavate Series – Philip Lorenzo

This week in Excavate, we speak with Philip Lorenzo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at StructionSite. Like many of the people we interviewed, Lorenzo is excited about what technology is doing to disrupt the construction industry.

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