The Avery, by Related California, is the city’s first residential building to combine condominiums and rentals in the same development/structure. The Avery has 118 condos (on the upper floors) and 279 rentals (on the lower floors) for a total unit count of 397. Down the street (Folsom) is Mira by Tishman Speyer with 297 condos and the larger Lumina with 656 condos, also a Tishman development.

While San Francisco has multiple office/condo buildings, hotel/condo buildings and even office/hotel/condo buildings, the Avery seems to be the first building to combine two residential formats.

Perhaps more impressive, besides this combination, is Related’s ability to get its first-floor retail space leased, a difficult task before the pandemic, and an even more difficult one since the pandemic arrived. Bluestone Café and Trufusion Fitness/Yoga are already open, and Akiko’s Sushi is scheduled to open in early 2022. I understand that all retail space is 100% leased. Pretty amazing!

New Akiko’s Sushi Restaurant rendering

Not leaving anything to chance, the Avery also incorporates the wellness tenets of biophilia (life-enhancing love of natural elements), Feng Shui (Chinese art of positioning objects for smooth, strong energy flow), and biogeometry (the pure pattern information of natural systems).

Unlike most developers that outsource functions like marketing, leasing and sales, as well as building management, Related has internal teams that perform these functions – seems to be working!


  • LISA game engine software is being upgraded to playable status.
  • Recognizing that certain buildings in certain cities are indeed celebrities, LISA will be producing a series of books, featuring a celebrity, starting in 2022
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