Excavate Series – Charles Bovet

In this week of Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar, we speak with Charles Bovet, VP of Operations at BONE Structure, a technology company developing solutions for the construction industry.

Bovet is a Civil Engineer and defines this discipline as looking at the structures in the built environment through the lens of problem-solving and then engineering creative solutions for the structures that exist in this ecosystem.

He is excited to get out of bed in the morning to work on projects that are changing the world, including a recently completed house on the Stanford campus for a professor that is completely net zero. Tesla batteries were used to power the house, and so it produces more energy than it uses.

We love his perspective on the opportunities that bright talent can unearth in this industry:

“Don’t think of what the industry is right now. Think of what it will be when you’re going to be the one changing it.”

When looking to hire, he seeks individuals with an open mind, passion for innovation and a desire to change the industry for the better, noting that:

“The biggest challenge is changing the mindset of the industry.”

Bovet advocates being an entrepreneur in the industry right now because the industry is ripe for change and recommends finding things that need to be changed and then creating better solutions.

“The built environment is sexy because it is ripe for disruption and it is about to be disrupted by technology.”

Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar showcases the stories of influencers who are shaping the future of the built environment and flourishing in the industry. We believe that by seeing the possibilities, new talent can envision and create their future.

We hope you enjoy our exploration of the many facets and personalities in the built environment.

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