Sam & Sam – Episode 2

Episode 2 of Sam & Sam, brings some rough news for Sam, but Samantha may have a solution for him within the built environment. The built environment has perks that some industries simply can’t compare. For Sam, now is the time to dig in and discover new opportunities. The excitement is building!

Based on our rather biased take, Sam & Sam covers the advantages of forging a career in the built environment, instead of the tech industry. This season portrays the relationship of Samantha, who has chosen a career in construction, and her boyfriend, Sam, who is navigating the ups and downs of working for start-up tech companies. While Samantha battles with her parents’ disappointment and confusion on her job choices, Sam contends with the revolving door of layoffs and low pay. Each episode explores their playful banter and the different aspects of their respective careers.

Stay tuned for more of Sam & Sam’s journey.