Sam & Sam – Episode 5

In Episode 5 of Sam & Sam, we find our duo on their first worksite together, and it is abuzz with some of the people who bring buildings to life: engineers, project managers, interior designers, contractors, architects, and geologists. Sam and Sam get to see the diverse talent that exists in the built environment.

Our series unabashedly shares the advantages of forging a career in the eco-system of the construction industry. Here at LISA, we are excited about the endless opportunities, as well as the individuals who are disrupting the status quo.

This season of Sam & Sam portrays the relationship between Samantha, a project manager in construction, and her boyfriend Sam who is navigating the ups and downs of working for a tech start-up. While Samantha struggles with her parents’ disappointment and confusion about her job choice, Sam contends with the revolving door of layoffs and low pay. Through playful banter, each episode explores the different aspects of their career paths. Stay tuned for more of Sam & Sam’s journey.