Excavate Series – Philip Lorenzo

This week in Excavate, we speak with Philip Lorenzo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at StructionSite. Like many of the people we interviewed, Lorenzo is excited about what technology is doing to disrupt the construction industry. StructionSite is digitizing the physical job site with software that allows workers to visit projects remotely. This provides huge savings in time and money.

His interest in the built environment was born out of the realization that he would be able to automate and create solutions at a level that could impact an entire industry.  He encourages a career here because the longer you are in it, the more valuable you become:

“In the tech industry, there is a concept of ageism. The younger you are, you are seen as more valuable than someone who has been in it longer because paradigms are constantly changing. In the built environment, when you learn how something gets built, 95% of that knowledge is carried on to the next project, so over time, if you build out your career in the built environment, you become more valuable.”

The need for new buildings, renovation of outdated buildings and massive infrastructure repairs, the demand for labor in the construction industry is only growing. Establishing a career here now as technology is taking hold and reshaping the way these structures come into existence seems a like an incredibly wise career decision.

The skills Lorenzo recommends developing for a successful career in the built environment are empathy and social intelligence to work amidst the often contrasting forces of design and cost. This reiterates something we have been hearing over and over again: people smarts is essential and seems to runs counter to what many people think about what they need to enter the industry: an engineering degree and mind.

Of course, engineers will always be a part of the industry, but LISA is finding more and more people who entered from very diverse backgrounds. And, as Lorenzo points out, the industry is opening up to those who possess the entrepreneurial spirit:

“There’s lots of opportunities for entrepreneurship in construction. Construction is so ripe for disruption and improvement because there is so much waste. People who are able to come in with the mindset of taking existing and old processes and making them better will find opportunity.”

Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar showcases the stories of influencers who are shaping the future of the built environment and flourishing in the industry. We believe that by seeing the possibilities, new talent can envision and create their future.

We hope you enjoy our exploration of the many facets and personalities in the built environment.

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