Excavate Series – Zach Scheel

In episode 6 of Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar, LISA shines the spotlight on Zach Scheel, Co-Founder, and CEO of Rhumbix, a workforce management and labor productivity software suite. Their mission: provide digital tools for the blue-collar craft workforce to empower the future of construction.

Everyone we have had the good fortune to interview exudes an almost conspiratorial excitement about the opportunities to be found in the construction industry, and Zach is no exception.

“It is truly a global industry that touches every facet of everyone’s life. I can’t think of a more rewarding career path for anyone.”

Of course, LISA echoes this sentiment and strives to be at the forefront of getting the secret out into the hearts and minds of ambitious career seekers.

In our conversation, Zach mentions that construction is an $11 trillion-dollar sector and cites reports put out by McKenzie and BCG which state that the industry is at the beginning of a ten-year digital transformation. From his perspective, this number represents the chance to be a key player.

“The opportunity to have an impact on the second largest industry in the world is what gets me out of bed every morning. There are plentiful opportunities to add value to the construction job site and be a part of shaping the future.”

When asked about the reputation of lower pay than tech, he injects that Mike Rowe says he’s “met more millionaires in dirty jobs than any other business.”

There is a misnomer that one needs to have advanced engineering degrees to enter the construction workspace. Zach counters this is not necessary and offers an alternative view of the future for those who wish to utilize their tech skills.

“Construction companies need young talent who are comfortable with technology so they can introduce the construction workforce and teach what it can do.”

In addition to being a part of reimagining the future of this evolving industry, the built environment has had the added benefit of allowing Zach to travel the world and form a global network of colleagues.

“The relationships you form on projects are ones you carry with you for a lifetime.”

Excavate, Beyond Brick & Mortar showcases the stories of influencers who are shaping the future of the built environment and flourishing in the industry. We believe that by seeing the possibilities, new talent can envision and create their future.

We hope you enjoy our exploration of the many facets and personalities in the built environment.

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