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How Important Is Talent to the AEC Industry?

We think–very important. In fact, if the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry eventually wins the talent war, we believe our cities will be the beneficiaries of innovations that solve challenges in sustainability, transportation, and quality of life (to name just 3 areas)… all the while launching young people into dynamic and rewarding careers.

So, while our communication with you has been dormant over the past few months, don’t think we haven’t been busy! We have been working to formalize partnerships with AEC industry stakeholders and to develop content to unpack the message of the LISA Movement.

We’re excited to announce this is the first of a regular and ongoing communication to keep you “in the know” with the LISA Movement and our goal to engage AEC’s burgeoning talent needs nationally. Contact me to see how you can get involved with the LISA Movement.

Malcolm Kaufman, Principal
(415) 730-7772

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Quiz: What does AEC stand for?

Sure, “Architecture Engineering and Construction.”

But did you know that AEC also stands for the 3 value propositions LISA will deliver to the AEC industry?

Attract, Educate, & Connect.

The Goal? Specifically, to help young adults discover, network, and find meaningful careers in the AEC industry. 

Where should you start? Take a few moments to check out the content on website (just the beginning–much more on the way).

Check out the educating and entertaining short animated videos about Samantha and Sam.

(Click the photo or link below.)

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More Content On Deck

New LISA Movement content on deck: new videos of Salesforce Transit Center, Salesforce Tower, 181 Fremont & Chase (Warriors) Center;  and an innovation series on the people behind the buildings’ creation.

If you were to stand up the 4-level SalesForce Transit Terminal its 1430 ft. length, you’d have a skyscraper nearly 30% taller than its namesake, the adjacent Salesforce Tower. Dubbed “the sleeping giant” and the city’s newest icon, the Salesforce Transit Terminal is crowned with a 5.4 acre park.

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